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What Does Authentic Mean In Sneakers?

Sneakerheads are no strangers to the world of fakes, dupes, and scams. With an influx of cheap or imitation brand sneakers onto the market, even the best-looking kicks these days come with all the same problems that could have been avoided had you just bought authentic sneakers from Hype Los Angeles. All that said, what does authenticity mean in the world of sneakers? Read on to learn more, or shop Hype Los Angeles now for genuine authentic sneakers from top brands!

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Authentic Means Fair Prices

At the most basic definition, “authentic” sneakers are sneakers the parent company (think Nike, Addidas, SUPREME, etc.) has authorized the production of, meaning the sneakers you buy from Hype Los Angeles are the same ones you’ll find at Nike’s retail outlets. How does this translate into fair prices?

When a shoe company puts in an order for shoes, they specify what types of materials to use, the number of shoes to make, and what quality checks will exist, dictating the overall price. Inauthentic sneakers don’t come from this tightly-controlled assembly line system and aren’t sold by genuine retailers, so the prices of these inauthentic shoes can fluctuate heavily.

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It Means Higher Quality Materials

Authentic shoes are shoes that are in effect “sanctioned” by the parent company and are the same ones we have at our retail location in Los Angeles. The manufacturer also decides what materials to use in the shoes — materials that scammers don’t usually have access to. So when you shop for authentic sneakers, you’re also shopping for high-quality materials from licensed manufacturers.

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Authentic Sneakers Are Branded Correctly

For those readers interested in getting caught with a pair of fake Jordans, inauthentic sneakers are for you. The reason is that authentic sneakers are manufactured by the shoe’s parent company, and thus there is more oversight to prevent and correct mistakes. And let’s be clear: with sneakers, there are few things more important than the brand. A company’s brand — especially one that controls its image as closely as Nike, for example — is their way of advertising to others. It’s their mark of quality and demonstrates the authenticity of your new product. Shop for correctly branded sneakers from Hype Los Angeles today.

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Authentic Sneakers Hold Their Value

Unlike cheap knockoffs, made with cheap materials sold for exorbitant prices, authentic sneakers keep their value. This is because they’re made with high-quality fabrics and stitching that are true to what you’re being charged. Inauthentic sneakers are a chance for people to inflate prices on what is in actuality an inferior product.

Shop authentic sneakers from Hype Los Angeles, and don’t get burned by cheap materials for inflated prices. We put every single pair of sneakers through a 10-point authenticity verification process, so you know you’re always buying the real deal. Shop Now

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